Crytch | Leon Lukas Plum


In collaboration with Moritz Ebeling

Crytch is a web tool for creating and encrypting visual messages.
It transfers the idea of Visual Cryptography to letters and shapes consisting of multiple
anchor points and connecting lines. As soon as one begins to enter a password, these points start moving on a variable matrix. That way, the password will never be stored on the server.

The correctly decrypted image is the only possible verification of a valid password. Thus, the exact point at which the original image is revealed can solely be determined by a human observer.
All text messages are displayed in a typeface speci­fi­cally designed for Crytch. In order to make it impossible to deduce the encrypted letter just by counting its anchor points, all glyphs consist of the exact same amount.

Awarded the „Certificate of Typographic Excellence“ by the Type Directors Club New York

Course “Private Conversation“ (Bauhaus University Weimar)
Summer Semester 2016
Supervised by Christoph Knoth, M. A. and Dipl.-Des. Konrad Renner

Photos: Jannis Uffrecht