6¾ Meilen | Leon Lukas Plum

6¾ Meilen

6¾ Leagues

The Deep Sea starts at 800 m below sea level. An area of complete darkness. Stretched, narrow ditches mark its deepest spots – they are called the “oceanic trenches”.
In this art print, an abstract texture resembling the pattern of underwater movements was created in analogue offset printing. In a second process, it was overlain by the names of the world’s deepest oceanic trenches, applied as a silkscreen print using highly opaque textile colour.

500 × 700 mm
Analogue Offset Printing, Screen Printing
25 Prints

Course “Unter Druck” (Bauhaus-University Weimar)
Summer Semester 2015
Supervised by Dipl.-Des. Katja Müller und Jörg von Stuckrad

6¾ Meilen